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Our Story


With a vision to create inspiring and timeless spaces...

YM design studios is a renowned architecture and interior design firm from Udaipur. The studio was founded in 2018 by Architect Yashasvi Maheshwary leading to be amongst the top architects and interior designers of Udaipur. With a vision to create inspiring and timeless spaces, we aim to deliver tailor made design solutions for residential and commercial spaces equally. Our core strength lies in working on behavioral design concepts and deriving details and spaces around them. ​

Our portfolio is a curation of projects that are examples of clean, balanced and harmonious spaces - each equally unique, interactive and inspiring. Our clientele is a broad spectrum of various magnitudes of private residences and commercial spaces. All the designs at YM Design Studios are tailor made for the client to bring out their personality in their spaces. We are inspired by human behavior and psychology, thus always try to provide solutions that put comfort of the client first.


When our clients approach us with a wish to bring their dream space to reality, we guide them with a vision specifically formulated for them and aim to deliver a top notch design service within their budget and time.


Yashasvi began the studio, in her native city Udaipur, to create classy and bespoke design solutions. Her sense of studying human behavior has formulated her philosophy and strategy to make sure all her designs true to the user. She loves everything organized and that can be seen throughout her design and execution process. With a young enthusiastic energy and a practical approach, she looks at every project as an opportunity to live her dream of being an architect.

Ar. Yashasvi Maheshwary

Principal Architect & Founder

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