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Botanical cafe

Project type: Hospitality Architecture and Interior design

Project location: Udaipur

Year: 2021

Plot area: 24000 sq. ft.

Landscape design: The garden corner ( A unit of the clients')

Artworks: Kriti Sharma arts

Surrounded by nature, Botanical cafe is a place to unwind between the hustle bustle of the city. Right at the entrance, you can feel the calmness with the soothing sounds of water. The diagonally constructed wall acts as the face of the cafe and the large fixed glass grids give a sneak peak into the interiors. 


The idea behind this cafe is to connect with nature and relax, hence we created all the walls onlooking the garden with clear glass grids facing west. This also lets you enjoy a beautiful sunset and creates a fantastic light and shadow play inside, while on the exterior a reflection of sunset can be seen. All the materials were intended to retain their raw textures. A huge chandelier was designed as a focal piece on the ceiling that gradually guides the eye towards the planters hanged from the ceiling. 

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